Is Your Olive Oil Fresh?

The fact is—especially for American consumers—we’re so used to stale or spoiled extra virgin olive oils that we’d have a hard time tasting the difference. 

So how can you tell if the olive oil is fresh? Take a look at these simple ways below:

1. Smell and Taste It

True olive oil should smell fresh, like grass or something fruity. Avoid something that smells musty or rancid, or even odorless. In addition to smell, when you’re tasting olive oils, you should recognize hints of grass, fruit, and almond. Plus, it’s a good sign if the oil tastes a bit bitter (but not too much) and also has a peppery taste as well (you might be able to feel it in the back of your throat). Don’t worry so much about color—it can be everything from a greenish or straw hue.


2. Look at the Batch Date

This is not the same as an expiration date. Look at the bottle or pouch’s label for a “batch date,” "bottled date" or or “harvested date” that’s within 24 months. If it only has an expiration date and nothing else, you might want to consider not purchasing it because you could be purchasing olive oil that has been produced or bottled years before. Our oil is pressed and packaged within hours of each other making sure the oil that goes in the package is fresh, and the award winning Pantry Pouch keeps it fresh.

3. Pay Attention to How It’s Packaged

Unlike a screw-top bottle that goes uncapped after the first pour and allows air into the bottle, the Pantry Pouch’s dispenser keeps air out, thus preventing the oil from getting oxidized, and therefore ruined. Unlike some glass or plastic bottles, no damaging light can reach the precious extra virgin olive oil inside our impermeable Pantry Pouch.

Unique to the Pantry Pouch is its metallic interior lining that acts like a cistern to help keep the oil even cooler. If temperature, oxygen, and light cause the most damage to olive oil, the Pantry Pouch is your oil’s new best friend. As long as the extra virgin olive oil stays in the Pantry Pouch, you can expect the last drop to stay as fresh as the first. How many things in life can you say that about?

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