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  • Made with great care in small batches from olives grown at our ranch in Santa Margarita, California.
  • Our innovative Pantry Pouch dispenser keeps our oil fresher longer by keeping out light, air, & contaminants.
  • Choose from three delicious artisinal flavors
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For centuries, the landscape surrounding and including the nearly 15,000 -acre La Panza Ranch, located in the picturesque San Juan Creek Valley, California, has remained relatively unchanged. The rugged La Panza Mountains rise to the west and the rolling hills of the Carrisa Plains extend to the east. Today, the sprawling former cattle ranch farms alfalfa and grain hay, wine grapes, and, on 251 acres, the olives that go into our award-winning extra virgin olive oils.

Aerial photo of an olive harvest at La Panza Ranch 

Thanks to its size, geographic diversity, and the fact that it’s remained intact, the ranch is a haven to a wide variety of California wildlife. Deer, wild boar, bear, and the occasional mountain lion roam throughout the property. Even Tule elk find their way to the ranch’s water troughs. Honeybees flock to the indigenous wildflowers that blanket the property, including wild buckwheat, blue curl, and sage.

The ranch’s more storied history includes ownership by Drury James, uncle of famous outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James. They reportedly spent time in the late 1860s working as cowhands on the ranch, while avoiding capture by lawmen. That heritage is behind the name of our most robust olive oil, Outlaw Blend.

Jesse James Wanted Poster

Throughout the years, the ranch was operated by various cattle partnerships and individuals. The Cowell Foundation owned it for 55 years. The family’s patriarch, Henry Cowell, had extensive holdings in San Francisco as well as several ranches throughout California. In 1996, La Panza Ranch was sold to Robert Petersen of Petersen Publishing in Los Angeles. He used the ranch for hunting and entertaining his race car driver friends and other celebrities.

La Panza Ranch Courtyard

Then in 2003, Mike Leprino spotted the potential of La Panza Ranch’s acres of mountains, drainages, farmland, and favorable climate, so he and his daughters purchased it and set out on a years-long quest to produce the freshest extra virgin olive oil in California, if not the world.

Olive Oil Bottle on Table

Try it, the freshness is guaranteed! 

About the Pantry Pouch
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Chef's Blend Olive Oil

Chef's Blend Olive Oil

To create this new blend, the miller harvests our olives at the perfect maturity for maximum flavor and then processes them within hours to capture the freshest extra virgin olive oil possible. The result is buttery smooth with fresh fruity notes complemented by slight bitter tones. It’s ideal for everyday use in your favorite dressings, sauces, sautés, and recipes.

Estate Blend Olive Oil

Estate Blend Olive Oil

Our new miller’s proprietary and premium extra virgin olive oil blend has a smooth and balanced texture, a slight sweet taste with a peppery finish, and La Panza’s signature freshness. Harvesting our olives at peak maturity produces the perfect extra virgin olive oil to drizzle on salads, breads, and a variety of entrée dishes. 

Outlaw Blend Olive Oil

Outlaw Blend Olive Oil

Silver Medal Winner, 2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition

La Panza Ranch celebrates its heritage as a onetime hideout of outlaws Frank and Jesse James. Befitting the James brothers, our award-winning Outlaw Blend packs the robust “kick” to the palate that extra virgin olive oil connoisseurs crave. Its fiery finish helps main dishes, such as fish or chicken, stand out, and is excellent as a finishing extra virgin olive oil. Once you’ve tried Outlaw Blend, there’s no going back.


Choose from 750mL,1.5L, or 3.0 PantryPouches of our delicious extra virgin olive oil blends. 

  • International Award-winning Outlaw Blend, a robust olive oil with a kick to the palate 
  • The buttery Chef’s Blend for everyday use in cooking, recipes and sauces 
  • Our miller’s proprietary Estate Blend, perfect for dipping and dripping 
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    Kenton S.
    United States United States
    Trio great package

    I had been missing oils from LaPanza. This crop is one of their best. I personally like the Outlaw for flavor with lasting pleasure on the tongue. The Chiefs blend is tasteful with pleasing smooth benefits. Thank you for making my meals better.

    Tina M.
    United States United States

    After finding out I can no longer purchase LaPanza oil at my winery I got online and signed up for a reoccurring order (subscription). I had ordered the wrong blend. Never has customer service been so helpful, kind, personal and prompt. My oil came quickly, fresh and oh so tasty even though I ordered the wrong blend. Honestly I believe there is no wrong blend from La Panza.

    Tim F.
    United States United States
    La Panza Chef’s Blend

    Outstanding! Clean, fresh and excellent for cooking. This is the best olive oil I have ever used.

    P C.
    United States United States
    New to LaPanza

    Love all three oils I purchased. Am new to LaPanza and am thrilled I found it. Ordering experience was effortless, price is exceptional. Thank you.

    A La Panza Ranch Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Customer
    CYNDY M.
    United States United States
    Love your olive oil- Has a Nice peppery after taste on palate

    Has been good


    Pantry Pouch
    Pantry Pouch : Protect & Dispense

    Our innovative Pantry Pouch olive oil packaging offers impermeable protection from air, moisture, light, and temperature to maintain freshness longer.

    Why the Pantry Pouch?

    La Panza Pantry PouchesAccording to the Australian Government’s 89-page report on The Effect of Storage Conditions on Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality, one key finding is important: “This project has shown that low storage temperature and the exclusion of oxygen are important factors in maintaining a longer shelf life of olive oil. Exposure to light has also been shown to affect the composition of olive oil and therefore storage conditions which exclude light are also an important factor.” So, while we all have heard that light is the main culprit, it's proven the exposure to air is a direct and timely cause of oils deterioration. Introducing the Pantry Pouch!

    Unlike a screw-top bottle that goes uncapped after the first pour and allows air into the bottle, the Pantry Pouch’s dispenser keeps air out, thus preventing the oil from getting oxidized, and therefore ruined. Unlike some glass or plastic bottles, no damaging light can reach the precious extra virgin olive oil inside our impermeable Pantry Pouch.

    Unique to the Pantry Pouch is its metallic interior lining that acts like a cistern to help keep the oil even cooler. If temperature, oxygen, and light cause the most damage to olive oil, the Pantry Pouch is your oil’s new best friend. As long as the extra virgin olive oil stays in the Pantry Pouch, you can expect the last drop to stay as fresh as the first. How many things in life can you say that about?


    Our Pantry Pouch has an 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles and 90% less waste than glass. We all like that. Yes, La Panza has offered a beautiful award-winning ceramic bottle for our award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil in the past. However, like all olive oil lovers, we assume you go through a bottle a month and already have a go-to olive oil bottle that looks elegant on your kitchen counter. But showing off a bottle is not the same as enjoying a fresh, great-tasting oil. That's why repackaged our extra virgin olive oil with only freshness and convenience in mind — and gave our olive oil a new best friend. Environmentally kind. Perfect olive oil.