Extra Virgin Olive Oil Membership Club - Connoisseur

  • NEVER STALE - Give Your Family & Friends the Freshest Olive Oil.
  • CONVENIENT - Pantry Pouch dispenser keeps your oil fresher longer.
  • ECONOMICAL - Get automatic bulk shipments and always have fresh oil in your pantry.
  • EARTH HAPPY - Organic with no waste & enviromentally pure.
About the Pantry Pouch

Use a lot of olive oil? Check out our larger size "Chef" package option!

La Panza BottleLIMITED TIME FREE BONUS!All new members will receive a FREE 500ml commemorative ceramic olive oil bottle with their first shipment! This bottle is the classy way to keep fresh olive oil on your dinner table...just fill and refill from the Pantry Pouch as needed! Bottle color may vary.
Since La Panza Ranch is family owned and operated, we invite you to join our family through our exclusive extra virgin olive oil subscription, or as we see it, a membership. You’re guaranteed to stock your kitchen with some of the freshest and purest extra virgin olive oil available on the planet. Harvested at peak maturity, milled and stored within hours, and then blended to savory perfection—there’s nothing better!

But for extra virgin olive oil lovers and heavy users of olive oil, we think something is missing. At the volume of olive oil you consume, you need more of the freshest extra virgin olive oil than most and that can be a constant inconvenience. So, we ship all three of our extra virgin olive oils to our members three times a year in large impermeable Pantry Pouches, so you have the freshest extra virgin olive oil when you need it the most. Whether its early in the year as soon as the newest harvest is available, spring for the summer months, or early fall in preparation for the holidays, we’ve got you covered. Of course, you can order an additional delivery any time, or change up your delivery timing or blends—we just want to make sure you always have the best and freshest extra virgin olive oil on tap.


Three times a year, members receive three different airtight and lightproof Pantry Pouches each filled with La Panza award-winning extra virgin olive oils.


The combination of all three extra virgin olive oils with each delivery three times a year means you’ll always have the right oil on hand at the right time for the right reason. Like a fine wine, there are dishes that are appropriate for red wines, others for white. La Panza’s blends serve the same elegant function, allowing you to match your extra virgin olive oil to your palate’s desires.

As a La Panza member, you’ll join the select few in the country who know what and where the good stuff is. Join before this year’s harvest is spoken for. The freshness is guaranteed.
Both membership types include: 
  • International Award-winning Outlaw Blend, a robust olive oil with a kick to the palate (750 ML)
  • The buttery Chef’s Blend for everyday use in cooking, recipes and sauces (750 ML)
  • Our miller’s proprietary Estate Blend, ideal for dipping and dripping (750 ML)



Pantry Pouch
Pantry Pouch : Protect & Dispense

Our innovative Pantry Pouch olive oil packaging offers impermeable protection from air, moisture, light, and temperature to maintain freshness longer.

Why the Pantry Pouch?

According to the Australian Government’s 89-page report on The Effect of Storage Conditions on Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality, one key finding is important.“This project has shown that low storage temperature and the exclusion of oxygen are important factors in maintaining a longer shelf life of olive oil. Exposure to light has also been shown to affect the composition of olive oil and therefore storage conditions which exclude light are also an important factor.” So, while we all have heard that light is the main culprit, it's proven the exposure to air is a direct and timely cause of oils deterioration. "Introducing the Pantry Pouch"!

Three La Panza Pantry Pouches
Unlike a screw-top bottle that goes uncapped after the first pour and allows air into the bottle, the Pantry Pouch’s dispenser keeps air out, thus preventing the oil from getting oxidized (aka ruined). And unlike some glass or plastic bottles, no damaging light can reach the precious extra virgin olive oil inside our impermeable Pantry Pouch.

Unique to the Pantry Pouch, it’s metallic interior lining acts like a cistern, to help keep the oil even cooler. So, if temperature, oxygen and light cause the most damage to the oil – the Pantry Pouch is your oil’s new best friend. As long as the extra virgin olive oil stays in the Pantry Pouch, you can expect the last drop to stay as fresh as the first. How many things in life can you say that about?


Our Pantry Pouch has an 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles and 90% less waste than glass. We all like that. While La Panza has offered a beautiful award-winning ceramic bottle for our award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil in the past; like all olive oil lovers, we assume you go through a bottle a month and already have a go-to olive oil bottle that looks elegant on your kitchen counter. But, showing off a bottle is not the same as enjoying a fresh, great-tasting oil. So, this year we listened and re-packaged our extra virgin olive oil with only freshness and convenience in mind and gave our olive oil a new best friend. Best of all, the environment wins too.