The California Difference

There’s extra virgin olive oil and then there’s California-grown-and-milled extra virgin olive oil, the best olive oil in the world. Yes, we’re biased, but here’s why. 

With no federal regulations regarding the labeling and composition of imported olive oils or olive oils grown and bottled in the U.S., the Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC) was formed in March of 2014. Their CA Extra Virgin Olive Oil standard includes all the tests and parameters for olive oil purity found in the California Health and Safety Code.

CDFA Verified refers to their standard for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil required under the California Department of Food and Agriculture as one of the most stringent in the world for good reason. CDFA Verified California olive oil is produced under a program of mandatory government sampling and testing to verify it meets strict quality standards. As a member in good standing, La Panza Ranch customers enjoy a fresh premium—and pure—extra virgin olive oil from its California-estate grown-and-milled olives, free of additives, heat, chemicals, and less-expensive filler oils.

Imported olive oils are under no such constraints, meaning there’s no guarantee that what’s in the bottle is 100 percent extra virgin olive oil. The same goes for olive oils from other states without their own standards. Put simply, OOCC member olive oil is the real deal. All othersmight be.

Harvesting Methods: Traditional European olive growers deal with sprawling, old olive trees where picking the olives by hand is too expensive and time-consuming. Instead, they wait for the olives to become overripe and then they literally shake them loose from the trees. The fruit falls onto tarps laid underneath, which can yield rotted, soiled, or damaged olives. These are then gathered and brought to the mill, which could be on-site or hours away by truck. The process usually produces a yellow oil that’s more acidic than La Panza’s premium, smooth, extra virgin olive oils. 

At La Panza Ranch, our olive trees are smaller, allowing for the olives to be picked straight from the tree at the perfect maturity with no fruit falling to the ground. From there they go directly to our on-site millhouse. The result is a clean and pure extra virgin olive oil with a light green color. And a green extra virgin olive oil is a fresh extra virgin olive oil. 

Quality Is Local: California extra virgin olive oils sold throughout the United States don’t spend weeks in transit across the ocean, sit in customs’ warehouses for days, and then get transported by truck to sit for more weeks under the glare of a grocery store’s lights. Who knows how many different temperatures and environments an imported shipment of olive oil has seen?

By contrast, La Panza’s oils stay safely stored in our climate-controlled cisterns until needed. At that time, they’re blended, packaged, and shipped to your door in our signature lightproof and airtight Pantry Pouch. When you pour out a La Panza Ranch extra virgin olive oil for the first time, it’s mere days since it was packaged, not months, such as an imported olive oil bought from a store. From our family ranch to your table, delivered fresh every time. 

History: Olive trees—and olive oil—have a history in California that dates back 300 years, starting with the first Spanish missions established in Southern California. Along the state’s Central Coast, Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa was founded in 1772 and olive trees arrived as well. By 1787, the Mission Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia was erected less than 35 miles from what would become La Panza Ranch. Olive trees have been thriving in the region ever since.


Pantry Pouch
Pantry Pouch : Protect & Dispense

Our innovative Pantry Pouch olive oil packaging offers impermeable protection from air, moisture, light, and temperature to maintain freshness longer.

Why the Pantry Pouch?

La Panza Pantry PouchesAccording to the Australian Government’s 89-page report on The Effect of Storage Conditions on Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality, one key finding is important: “This project has shown that low storage temperature and the exclusion of oxygen are important factors in maintaining a longer shelf life of olive oil. Exposure to light has also been shown to affect the composition of olive oil and therefore storage conditions which exclude light are also an important factor.” So, while we all have heard that light is the main culprit, it's proven the exposure to air is a direct and timely cause of oils deterioration. Introducing the Pantry Pouch!

Unlike a screw-top bottle that goes uncapped after the first pour and allows air into the bottle, the Pantry Pouch’s dispenser keeps air out, thus preventing the oil from getting oxidized, and therefore ruined. Unlike some glass or plastic bottles, no damaging light can reach the precious extra virgin olive oil inside our impermeable Pantry Pouch.

Unique to the Pantry Pouch is its metallic interior lining that acts like a cistern to help keep the oil even cooler. If temperature, oxygen, and light cause the most damage to olive oil, the Pantry Pouch is your oil’s new best friend. As long as the extra virgin olive oil stays in the Pantry Pouch, you can expect the last drop to stay as fresh as the first. How many things in life can you say that about?


Our Pantry Pouch has an 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles and 90% less waste than glass. We all like that. Yes, La Panza has offered a beautiful award-winning ceramic bottle for our award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil in the past. However, like all olive oil lovers, we assume you go through a bottle a month and already have a go-to olive oil bottle that looks elegant on your kitchen counter. But showing off a bottle is not the same as enjoying a fresh, great-tasting oil. That's why repackaged our extra virgin olive oil with only freshness and convenience in mind — and gave our olive oil a new best friend. Environmentally kind. Perfect olive oil.